Digital Marketing: Increase Your Revenue Multiple Times

“Digital Marketing is the marketing of your products or services using different Digital Channels. Such as social media, search engines, websites, mobile apps, email, or any new Digital Channel.”

Business Man: If you are still doing traditional marketing and not satisfied with the results you get, you need to know Digital Marketing.

You can take your business on a higher level and generate higher revenues.

If you want to sell your product or want to create your brand name or want to create awareness about your product, there are so many digital platforms where you can reach so many people.

Students: There are so many jobs available in the companies in the field of Digital Marketing and in the future, it will increase more. So start learning.

Types of jobs:

  • Digital Marketing Executive/Manager
  • SEO Executive/Manager
  • PPC Analyst
  • Content Marketing Executive/Manager
  • Online Reputation Management Executive/Manager
  • Social Media Analyst

You will find many more different jobs in this field and it is in great demand if you see in the future perspective.

Digital Channels:

  • Search Engines
  • Websites
  • Email
  • Mobile Apps
  • Blogs
  • Social Media, etc.

Nowadays most of the companies try to move towards digital platforms because traditional marketing is very costly and it takes time.

But in a digital field, it is cost-effective and it gives you results very fast.

Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Google+
  • Tumblr, and many more.

The digital world is growing day by day Because users of the internet are growing much faster.

Even in India users of the internet is increasing rapidly. So it’s a great idea to enhance your skills in this field.

A report says by the end of this year(2019) users of the internet in India increased to 627 million and more than 90% of the users use mobile phones to access the internet.

You can easily see these changes happening in India, you can notice so many people these days prefer to buy any product online, rather go to market places because online shopping is cost-effective.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • It is very cost-effective than traditional marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Easy to reach to the target customers
  • Increase the rate of investment(ROI)
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Higher revenue
  • Make your brand big
  • Compete with large corporations
  • Build a brand reputation
  • Know about your competitors

Types of Digital Marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Message marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing

This is a very huge topic and cannot be covered in just one blog post, So we will discuss the channels and types of Digital Marketing on my future post in detail.


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