Off-Page SEO: Techniques to Create Backlinks

As we know there are two types of SEO.
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO, Here we are going to discuss Off-Page SEO.

“Off-Page SEO is the entire activity which we do outside our website to rank our website on top of search engine sites like Google, Bing, etc”.

Let us discuss what are those activities which we can do outside our website that is Off-Page SEO to rank our page on Google.

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Google Map Creation

Search Engine Submission

If you have your website then you need to submit your websites URL on search engine sites, like Google, Bing, etc.

We submit our websites URL to search engine so that our website gets indexed.

It is the most important factor in Off-Page SEO. It is a basic thing to know that if you want to rank your website on Google then you have to submit your websites URL on Google.

For submitting your websites URL on Google you need to go to Google Search Console and submit your websites URL.

Directory Submission

This is a very important Off-Page SEO technique to increase traffic to your website and it also increases the Domain Authority as well as the Page Authority of your website.

Directory submission is simply creating backlinks for your website, you need to submit your website to web directories.

But you need to check the quality and suitable category to submit.

Don’t get confused just type Directory Submission Sites on Google and you will get the lists of websites where you can submit your websites URL.

Good quality backlinks play a very important role to generate traffic to your website and also increases Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Social Bookmarking

It is also an important technique in Off-Page SEO. In this process, people submit their website in various Social Bookmarking Sites.

Some of these Social Bookmarking Sites are Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Quora, Pocket, etc.

The benefit of submitting your site to these social bookmarking sites is, you get backlinks for your website.

You get new traffic which helps to increase the authority of your Domain and Page.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is an effective Off-Page SEO technique, in this technique you write articles or blog on your website or submit your articles to some other blogging websites.

But it’s not easy to submit your article on others website, you need to write an excellent article.

And if the website owner allows your article to post on their website then only you get a backlink.

Google Map Creation

Google map creation is also a part of Off-Page SEO activity. You must have seen on Google if you search for any company.

If the company had submitted his business information on Google Map then a map also appears on the result page.

If people want to search your company by Google Map, then they can easily search you if you have submitted your business information on Google Map.

These are some activities regarding Off-Page SEO. I hope it will help you when you apply this Off-Page SEO technique and get traffic to your website.


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